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Member of Argentina National Basketball Team. He plays for Breogan from Liga ACB, Spain. He was born and raised in Club Pacífico, Bahía Blanca.

Lucio is the symbol that represents what is like to be a Bahía Basket player.

His passion for learning and breaking down barriers took him to places he had never imagined before.

When he was 15 years old, he started as sparring and continued playing in his beloved Club Pacífico. Since then he showed such sport values that are worthy of comparison with the Golden Generation: his working capacity and a really strong self-improvement desire. Hard to surpass. A story that inspires. Love for the game.


ember of Argentina National Basketball Team and actually playing for San Lorenzo. After playing for Club Argentino from Tres Arroyos, the 15-year old arrived with all his talent on his back.

A self-improvement story based not only on perseverance, but also and mainly on acquiring worldwide professional habits. Having both acquiring and sharing excellent abilities, he spreads enthusiasm to his teammates, showing incredible leadership skills taking into account his short age.

The beginning of his career has been amazing and he has excellent future prospects. He truly represents Bahía Basket’s sport values and he inspires many new players who wish to become someone like him.


His time in Bahía Basket was short, but he really left his mark on it. That mark means taking Bahía Basket as a stepping stone to the following sport challenge.

His initiative to step out of the comfort zone, to face the next challenge and to improve in order to achieve his goals as a basketball player is a strong inspiration to everyone. Owner of an outstanding talent, he bets on work and modesty to keep on learning. Also his family values are present all the time.

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