Dow Center is considered one of the best training and high-performance centers of LATAM and the world.

It is located in Bahía Blanca, the basketball capital of Argentina, home of sport legends like Manu Ginóbili, Pepe Sánchez and “el Puma” Montecchia, among others.

This center was thought by Pepe Sánchez and designed by the architecture studio Masuno, from Pepe’s point of view in order to summarize and apply everything he has seen, learnt and experiencied in the USA and Europe.

Dow Center is a sports center not only done for and by sportspeople, but also for the daily use of sportspeople at any level.

It is the perfect union between the sporting elite and the sports fans.

It offers:

  • 3 training courts equipped with the latest technology: all of them with floors, baskets, lighting and air conditioning at an NBA level.
  • Accommodation for players within the center and only a few steps from the courts.
  • Medical and Rehabilitation center, equipped with radiology, ultrasound scan, doctors and a rehabilitation area.
  • Performance area (LSP).
  • I Feel Good Gym – 1000 sq metres.
  • Restaurant zone.
  • Wellness area.
  • Creativity area.
  • Study area.
  • Learning area.
  • Video room, staff and team areas.
  • Co-working area.
  • Mental health area.
  • Entertainment area.
  • Vegetable garden and green areas.

Accessible location:

  • 10’ away from Comandante Espora Airport.
  • 18’ away from Bahía Blanca Bus Station.
  • 15’ away from the city center.